The Great Unknown

by Danny Trashville

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released October 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Danny Trashville Pink, Oklahoma

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Track Name: 9 & 102
9 & 102
There's a little place just like any other
Dime a dozen, you could trade it for another
With the plastic smiles and a social grace
Wouldn't be a choice destination
Either way it only is what you make it
Through the harder times and longer days
Folks have left and some are never gonna leave
Passing through you might find...
Whatever you may need

Things will change, just hope it's for the better
A smiling face and a change in the weather
Could really do yourself some good
Don't get lost unless you really wanna
Disappear and find yourself a goner
Long before your time is through
Folks have left and some are never gonna leave
Passing through you might find...
Whatever you may need
Track Name: I Can't Wait
I Can't Wait
Making my way on down this highway
Gotta keep going 'til I make my way home
Making good time wanna see my baby
Gotta keep going 'til I can no more
One less town and a little bit closer
A few more miles and this will all be over
And I'll be home
Then tomorrow in the morning when I awake
I know I'll get to see her face
I can't wait...

Working for a living try and earn that dollar
Gotta get the dollar just to send it back home
Working for a living is only getting harder
Only seems it's worth it when I make my way home
One less town and a little bit closer
A few more miles this will all be over
And I'll be home...
Track Name: In My Dreams
In My Dreams

I'd go home, but there's nothing there for me
Just a hope, of what someday it may be
So I roam wherever this road leads
But I don't know how much more my heart can bleed
In My Dreams, you're standing next to me
We have everything we need
and I don't wanna sleep
for fear that I'll awake and be right back in this place

I loved you, but I doubt you ever knew
The truth sometimes is just so hard to prove
I can cut skin from off the bone
And there's a hole that you may never know
Someday I may awake to find that things have changed and if everything is truly as it seems
Then I'll hold you tight finally sleep on through the night, cause I know you'll always be with me
In my dreams
Track Name: Poet Song
The Poet Song
If I were a poet I could rhyme all of them words
That ease a mind through troubled times
In a way it's never heard...
They'd flow just like a river headed out to sea
They'd wash away all the pain and we'd never have to speak
I would paint a picture with all those words you seek
I'd take the time to get 'em right
So you know what they mean
I'd put 'em in a bottle throw them out to sea
Then hopefully when you're in need
They'll wash up at your feet
Track Name: Pawn Shop
Pawn Shop
I sold my soul at a pawn shop
for about a tenth of what it's worth
If I could get on track, I could get it back
But sometimes I just don't know

I'll be doing good for a year or two
when I fall flat on my face
I ain't no fool, but what can I do
keeping up in that old rat race
I tried it once, tried it twice
But still it just ain't me
Keeping up with the jones and the cellular phones
And the high price of technology
Well 9 to 5 don't fit my life
so most the time I'm broke
I get by and that's allright
But still it ain't no joke
I'm battling demons with no plans of leaving
until they get what's mine
And the debt that's owed, constantly grows
you know it don't seem right
Track Name: Same Ole Shit
Same Ole Shit
It's the same ole shit, different day
No money in my pocket, so I best be on my way
I spend my time trying to make a dime
I never seen to get it, but what I got is mine

It's the same ole shit, different place
while some are folding money, I'm here counting change

It's the same ole shit, different same
You know I'd stay right here baby if I had my way
but I spend my time trying to make a dime
If I ever get it we might just be allright

Everyday I'm falling deeper into debt
When I get home I hope there's something left
Track Name: Greener Grass
Greener Grass
Walking down the road with a guitar on my back
I know where I am, I just don't know where I'm at
Same old songs running through my head
I'm mumbling a new one underneath my breathe

Sign says next town's thirteen miles
I maybe keep on going if I'm not too tired
I can't say it's like I planned
I wouldn't have a worry if I didn't give a damn
Think of all I left behind
working towards a way of bettering this life
If where I go is gonna be part of my past
Next time I'll stop to smell a rose
before I search for greener grass

Walking down the road with an aching in my soul
The heat of the moment left me in the cold
Storms they seem to roll on by
But the damage takes it's toll a little at a time